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Dear Fellow Punter,

If you like the odd bet here and there, or you are a regular punter, there’s only one reason you place a bet – And that’s to win money

There’s nothing better than the thrill of the win and the kerr-ching of the £££money£££ in your pocket is there?

But How Successful Are You At Picking The Winners?

What’s your current success rate? How many winners are you picking? How much are you winning – or god forbid – losing?

Are you betting on lots of different sports or just a few? Are you following a tipster, or making the selections yourself?

Whatever approach it is that you’re taking, or whatever you’re betting on, I’m sure that if you’re like most punters, in your search to improve your chances of picking winners, you’ll have seen all those ‘miracle betting systems’ posted online …

The BS Hype Betting Systems That You’re Sick of Seeing …

You know the ones, the ‘secret systems’, or the ‘miracle systems’ that make crazy promises to make you rich overnight, which instead are really just a ploy to get you to hand over your hard earned money – and make them rich instead of you.

And then there are the tipsters that fill your inbox with nothing of much value, or promise their tip sheets are going to be full of winners, when really their claims are just plain unrealistic, and if you’ve ever followed any systems or tipsters like this then you’ve probably quickly realised that they’re full of BS and you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money on another scheme that’s left you nothing but out of pocket

Because we have to face it – Betting is a bit of a mug’s game – and ultimately – The odds are stacked in favour of the bookies every time – That’s why we’re always looking for that information or strategy that’s going to help you win more


Look, I’m going to be brutally honest with you here …

If you want to win money as a punter – There’s only one way to do it

That’s with logic, planning, insider information – and a mindset that you can win over time, but not every time

And when you think like that – and follow a strategy that backs up that mindset, you become successful – And unlike a lot of everyday punters who are losing money , you become part of a small minority of punters who are actually beating the bookies and making a profit on their bets daily, with some winning enough to make a living from it – and for many of these type of punters, that’s why I have been their tipster of choice since 2014

The majority of my members are in the small minority of punters who are actually succeeding at punting, and because you are sat here reading this, I’m guessing that you are one of those winning few, or you’re currently working hard to being one of those winning punters who is in more control of their punting profits

What’s So Different About My Tips & My Members?

Quite simply, our attitude to punting

No matter what, we don’t act like the majority, we don’t get caught up in the hype, we’re careful, selective and we’re in it for the long term – Not a quick buck

And we’re not the bookies dream, we’re the bookies nightmare; and whilst that brings its own hassles of marked and blocked betting accounts, it’s profitable long term – and when it comes to punting – That is all that matters

And here’s the key to our success – The one thing we all understand and live by – You can win over time – But not every time

– and that is exactly the fundamental strategy we follow to put the profits in our pockets

Instead of taking random actions, and making daft bets, we plan and we look for the only way to win which is by looking for value bets and biding our time – You don’t have to be placing hundreds of bets every month to win

Now, you might already be a greyhound punter, or you may not have had much experience of the greyhound market before today, so let me explain in more detail about what I do – And why my greyhound predictions are so profitable for the serious punter in search of long term profits and a consistent ROI

Greyhound racing tipster - results ROI table - best greyhound tipster(3)

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You Can Win Over Time – But You Can’t Win Every Time

Why We Are Not Like The Other Tipsters … 

The Greyhound Racing Tipster Advantage

As you may have already seen, my focus is on finding value bets – I believe it’s the only way to make money punting on greyhounds, that’s why, ask any of my members and they’ll tell you that my selections are far superior to many out there

That’s because they are based on years of industry experience;

Unlike a lot of tipsters, who clearly haven’t even put a lead on a greyhound, I’ve served my time in the greyhound industry; Training greyhounds, racing greyhounds, gambling on greyhounds, working trackside, working with some of the country’s top trainers – and on top of all of that experience and knowledge, I still put the hours in studying form, race history, opponents, track bias – You name it, I scrutinize everything when I’m making my selections

I believe that making money on sports betting takes time and focus –and that’s why I consistently outperform many greyhound tipsters out there, because I’m doing that hard work and time-consuming research for my members

My mission is to give my members maximum value for their hard-earned money and returns superior to other tipster services, so that ultimately – They are winning money and putting profits in their pockets

I keep everything really clear and simple, and don’t get caught up in vanity numbers and any of the silly claims or shady tricks tipsters use to look more impressive than they really are


Simply Put, Here’s What I Don’t Do:

  • I never chase points
  • I don’t advise ‘mickey mouse’ bets like forecasts and tricasts
  • I don’t raise my points / stakes trying to chase back and cover up losses

And Here’s What I Focus On Instead:

  • I work on a simple staking plan of 1 Pt, 1.5 Pts and 2 Pt Bets
  • I focus on win only bets and the occasional ante post bet
  • I grind back my profit after a loss – Never chase
  • I’m always hunting value and won’t send out predictions if I think they’re under priced


I never stop researching and improving because I know my members have a lot riding on me – And there’s a huge amount of trust that my members are placing in me and my selections

I’m Doing The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

That’s why, whilst most people are catching up on Corrie, or binging on box sets, I’m watching replays, and whilst other people are scrolling through their Facebook feeds or playing candy crush, I’m reading racecards

Am I a bit of a nerd? Maybe – You could perhaps even call me a greyhound geek – But that’s what makes my greyhound tipster service far superior to the rest of them & my results speak for themselves

So that was about me and how I work as a greyhound tipster

“Sat At A Steady 25.53 % ROI Spanning 18 Months Now, The Pro Punters Are Eager To Make Sure That This Is Kept At Closed Door Access”

Get The Tips Now … And Your First Month At Half Price 

Lets’ Talk About What Is Important To You –


And of course, the obvious question that is in the back of your mind right now

What’s in it for you – If you join and become a member – are you going to make money?

We’ve already talked about silly claims and daft numbers from tipsters, so you know I am going to follow that with a sensible and honest answer, and you also know I can’t promise you anything about how the future will unfold – I’m a tipster – not a soothsayer

But what I can give you that is 100% genuine factual – already happened – provable …

And that is my past performance

And that has been, even if we go back 18 months, instead of just 12 – A steady and consistent 25.53% ROI;

ROI on some months has been as high as 53.3%, and I continue to work hard to keep these numbers consistent …

But hold on, you’re not daft, so maybe a 25.53 % ROI has got to sound like a bit of a stretch hasn’t it?

If you’re comparing that ROI against most of the tipster industry you’d be absolutely spot on … It does sound like a stretch of the imagination – There’s not many tipsters that can produce an ROI that high – But what if you could make 25.53 % ROI over a 12 – 18 month period?

You don’t get this consistency – these monthly ROI’s from someone who doesn’t place the satisfaction and profitability of his members as his number one priority

So let me ask you this …

How Much More Profit Could You Build If You Had:

  • Simple to Follow Selections
  • With A Simple Staking Plan
  • That Gave You A 26% ROI – Not Just A Month Here Or There – But A Consistent 26% ROI Over 18 Months?

I’ve got a solid unshakeable track record of picking winners, and all you have to do is to take a look at my monthly numbers and you will see that I have outperformed many tipsters out there – And I’ve done it consistently since 2014, giving my members maximum value for their hard earned money and returns superior to many tipster services

This Is Your Chance To Become A Member Today

Now, for a limited time, I opening up this premium program to take on a limited amount of new members, and you have an opportunity to join my new  membership and be part of a ‘closed door’ group of punters

Places in this membership are STRICTLY LIMITED – and there’s good reason for that too

You know that a couple of hundred people lumping a chunk on the same dog, and the prices go in a blink; You’ve got the bookies running scared thinking that we know something that they don’t  – and before you know it, down come the odds – and with that, a whole chunk of potential profit too, and that is no good for you –

That’s why member numbers in this group are absolutely kept to a strict limit, we know odds will get slashed eventually, but at least we’ll try and get as far as we can under the radar

What Will You Experience As A Member?

In this group, we’re currently focused on night meetings only, which is more suitable for the working punter, and selections are published promptly at 3 pm in your private members area

Your monthly membership also includes:

  • A minimum of 25 selections per month sent at least 2 hrs before a race
  • An email reminding you in advance of publishing
  • A simple to follow points system 1pt, 1.5 pt and 2pt bets
  • Selections only sent out when a minimum of 3 advised prices are available – usually 4 or 5
  • Detailed & comprehensive race analysis for each selection
  • Race reading predictions covering selected dog analysis and opponent weakness analysis
  • More focus on open racing and graded punts
  • Occasional ante post bets are advised
  • Monthly reviews distributed to help keep your records up to date
  • Most bets available on RPGTV

Plus …

I find value in my selections and there will often be an easy trade off and guaranteed quick profit if you wish to cut your liabilities using betting exchanges

And whilst there is no such thing as an absolute certainty, when you become a member you’ll be staking better and have stronger selections to work with everyday


Do You Qualify To Become A Member With GRT?

There are 4 key criteria for anyone wanting to become one of my premium group of punters:

  • You have to understand that I’m right over time – not right all of the time, therefore, random bets aren’t going to help you achieve the ROI’s that I am aiming for
  • You need to be able to access online bookmaker accounts, if you’ve got blocked accounts or don’t have online access, you’re going to find it difficult to place a bet or you’ll have to use betting exchanges where odds will be shorter
  • Being able to react rapidly is going to be a vital part of your success strategy as a premium member, so when the moment strikes you have to act – You know how fast the market moves
  • I want your investment into your membership to be effectively paid for every month by your profits, so all I ask is that your approach to your punting is strategical and rational, please do not apply if you are struggling in any way with your gambling


How Long Will My Commitment To Membership Be?

Membership is on a monthly pay as you go basis, and although I ask that you use a long-term strategy, there is no long-term commitment when you become a member of this premium group of punters.

You can cancel your membership at any time, as can I if I don’t feel we are right for each other

I work this way because I know this is a volatile game and it’s hard work, so it isn’t for everyone – I also know that my service might not be the only bets you are putting on. So if your pot runs low and you need to take a break, you can cancel your membership – No questions asked

And I also make membership a simple pay as you go monthly payment so you don’t have to commit money months in advance, and you don’t have to mess around trying to claim back refunds if you cancel

“Be In The Minority – And Be The Successful Pro Punter That Is Profiting – And Can Consistently Make A Profit With Pro Punting”


How Do You Know If This Is Right For You?

You’re probably not a novice at this, so I’ll get straight to the point – If you’re a pro punter, or working on becoming a pro punter, then this service is a serious contender to consider adding to your betting portfolio

If you are just a random punter, you have to understand that I’m right over time – not right all of the time, that’s why it’s important that you follow all of my predictions and place bets on a regular basis (Placing a random bet from the predictions I provide will not produce the results I have quoted that refer to the last 18 months performance)

There is always going to be the bad gambler – The bookies dream, The ones who have to hope they win – because if they don’t, they have to go home and lie to their families and cover up their losses –

Hope is not a viable strategy and that type of punter is just a loser – I cannot help people like that – Nor do I want them in my business

My business is for punters who, despite knowing they are taking a risk are sensible, realistic and understand the fundamental rules of gambling success, that is; long term perspectives, sensible considered punting – and that there is no such thing as a dead cert


Because we all know that gambling is a risk – But if you are clued up and wise enough to know that not everything is a certainty in this life, you’ll approach your punting in a logical manner knowing that you’ll be profitable – not just off one bet – But over time

Because after all we do, it’s not really about the punting, or the money is it?

It’s about what having that extra income means to you – and what that additional money from your winnings will give you. Being able to pay your bills comfortably every month, and having enough left over for all those things that make life so much more enjoyable – No stress from being under financial pressure,  living a lifestyle that’s better than you have now – That’s what we’re working for isn’t it?

Whether you’re going to get a kick from being able to boast to your mates about your extra winnings, pay for your new car or latest gadget, or if you’re a family man, and you’re like me and you just want to be able to give yourself and your family all the little extras and luxuries that make it so much more fun and enjoyable – That’s what we’re working for isn’t it?

Because I know what it’s like when you are a pro punter – Family members never quite understand why you’re spending all those hours grinding away at what you do – And it’s nice to be able to say ‘look, here’s why I work hard on this’ as you treat your family to all the nice little luxuries and holidays that you can buy with your profits

Will Your Next Decision In Your Profit Strategy Be To Join Greyhound Racing Tipster Membership For A Better ROI?

I’ve priced this premium membership so it’s affordable for you – At just £47 per month – Or £10.85 a week if you budget weekly, even if you’re just a £10 a point punter, with the ROI of 25 – 26%, it’s pretty much a no brainer and a simple decision – Are you in or out?

Act Now To Secure Your Place

Here’s Why You Should Act Fast …

I’ve already reported the last 18 months are sat at 25.53% ROI – That’s a genuine verified number. Out of those 18 months, there have been only 2 and a half minus profit months – How much better off will you be with an ROI like this against your betting balance? It’s not everyday this opportunity comes along

I’m 100% genuine when I say that places in this group are limited, it is not a gimmick – And once these current places are gone, I cannot guarantee when the next opening will be, and those wanting to join after that will have to go on the wait list

Membership is available now literally due to a business re-shuffle, I’m taking on a limited amount of new members, and you now have  this opportunity to join my premium membership and be part of a ‘closed door’ group of pro punters who are winning and profiting month in and month out

Places in this membership are STRICTLY LIMITED so join today


Please Don’t Delay And Risk Missing Out


In a world of filled with uncertainty of what our futures hold right now, and all the financial pressure many people are under, making bad bets and bad gambles is even more costly than ever before

That’s why you need a reliable and consistent profit behind you

I’ve got a solid unshakeable track record of picking winners – Take a look at my monthly numbers and you will see that I have outperformed many tipsters out there – And I’ve done it consistently, giving my members maximum value for their hard earned money and returns superior to many tipster services – Where else can you put money and get a 26% return on your investment?

Detailed Race Analysis


Single Bets

Limited Member Numbers

Closed Door Joining Policy


Still Unsure?

Look, I’ve been through all the ins and outs of what I believe is key to betting success

I’ve detailed my service, my opinions and my strategy for winning –

I’ve been open and up front with you, and because I believe that transparency is important, I don’t want to even attempt to try and convince anyone into joining my service or placing bets that are not right for them – So I’m not going to say anything profound to try and get you to become and member because I don’t feel it’s up to me to convince you

It’s up to you to decide …

Only you know if this is right for you – You are the one who has to feel certain that this is the right move for you

But, if you’ve still got that sense of doubt, or that nagging uncertainty in the back of your mind – But you’re also wanting to give the premium service a go, then let me make you an offer that is quite frankly – A no brainer!

Become a member today, and if, at any time in the next 14 days you decide that I’m not all I said I was – Or I haven’t met your expectations, or you just plain and simple don’t like the service – I’ll give you your money back

Can’t say fairer than that can I? Just get in touch within the first 14 days and I’ll give you a full refund – No questions asked

5 star Rated By Members

“Class greyhound tipster. I’ve tried several greyhound tipsters in the last few years, this guy is the best by far. Write ups are so uncannily accurate to how the race runs, and the number of consistent winners he keeps producing is a subscribers dream”

Bobby M


“There’s no doubting that he knows his greyhounds, he sticks to his selected tracks and the write ups are clear and confident. There’s a straight forward staking plan where everything is really clear and always so sure of selections”

Mark L


Rated 5 Star

As an experienced tipster, I know the value of profit and ROI

I’ve already reported the last 18 months are sat at 25.53% ROI – That’s a genuine verified number. Out of those 18 months, there have been only 2.5 minus profit months – How much better off will you be with an ROI like this against your betting balance – It’s not everyday this opportunity comes along

greyhound racing tipster how to win on the greyhounds (1)
greyhound racing tipster how to win on the greyhounds (1)
greyhound racing tipster how to win on the greyhounds (1)
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