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Since 2014, I’ve come across many punters who don’t want to hear the tipster talk and technical jargon – they just want to win … And that is what we all want

– But, making money on any sport long term just doesn’t happen if you don’t have a solid strategy in place

If you understand that – then you’re definately in the right place for winning selections

But bear with me, because there’s just a couple of really important things I want you to understand if you want to become a member ….

One: I win 37.5% of the time on average (strike rate) which is one of the best in the UK – and that’s not just once, this number has been sat at a steady and consistent  average since I started online in 2014

Two: You can’t win every time – That’s why I work on a points & profit based system that produces an ROI of 26%  – Which is a rarity – But you have to be prepared to do this over time, I can’t make you rich on random unplanned bets and a random strategy

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Results Table Back To May 19


In this 18 month overview detailed here, the figures are based on a points system of:

1 PT, 1.5 PT, and 2 PT

Understandably, March, April & May affected by Covid, but overall, my statistics prove solid and reliable profits long term

Points don’t tell you everything, and can often be distorted, so you always have to dig a little to get to the real story behind a tipster’s points –

Obviously as you can see here, I’ve made that simple for you by calculating the corresponding  ROI which gives you a better understanding and clearer picture of the strength and reliability of my predictions and your opportunity to get a decent return on your investment


my mission

Money In Your Account With Consistent & Steady Profits

Imagine …

If your bank wrote to you today and offered you 26% return on your savings …. Or you could tie up your spare cash in shares this year and get a guaranteed return of 26%?

Sadly, I can’t see the day that would ever happen – But for my clients last year – That is exactly what they got – 26% ROI

Though, let’s not get too excited here, afterall, we’re talking about staking money on greyhounds, and it carries a risk, and I’m not talking about a bet here and a bet there either

For those people that are looking for a simple staking plan that can give a return of 26% ROI over the long term, my predictions have to be a serious contender on your shortlist

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Strictly limited on member numbers and joining is through application only to ensure profit potential for serious punters


Many years of satisfied punters who rate me highly in the industry – Plenty of reviews and testimonials to back up

on the ball support

On becoming a member, you’ll receive a welcome pack with everything you need to know, and we’re only an email away

“Class greyhound tipster. I’ve tried several greyhound tipsters in the last few years, this guy is the best by far. Write ups are so uncannily accurate to how the race runs, and the number of consistent winners he keeps producing is a subscribers dream “

Bobby M


“There’s no doubting that he knows his greyhounds, he sticks to his selected tracks and the write ups are clear and confident. There’s a straight forward staking plan where everything is really clear and always so sure of selections. “

Mark L.


“A good all round tipster and his ante post selections are worth taking notice of, a genuine guy who gives it all every day”

Darren R


“Surprised at how thorough tips are. Ability to read the race is spot on and I’m happy with the profits I am making with The Greyhound Racing Tipster”

Alan G



About Me

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an absolute cert – That’s why everyday I’m focused on providing my clients and members with accurate race insight  based on judgements and evaluations I make on over 30 different markers and factors.

I’m looking for key signs and indications to put together my selections, and that has resulted in me being highly rated in this industry, known for both quality of write-ups, and consistent and profitable performance and a proven ROI

I offer as much transparency as I can to my clients, detailing results and profit openly, and actively avoid the shady practices of many tipsters who manipulate results, and hide behind bravado and misleading point recording

Learn more about how my experience can help you make better decisions and become more successful and profitable as a pro punter … Read Now

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Your Best Bet For Greyhound Racing Tips


best bet



In depth study produces detailed write ups with comprehensive race & dog analysis for each selection


Simple and transparent – Easy to follow staking plan with points system at: 1 PT, 1.5 PT and 2 PT bets


Points make profit and with an ROI of 26% – That’s profit in your pocket with a simple staking plan

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