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About The Greyhound Racing Tipster

Up until 2014, outside of the greyhound industry, my knowledge of greyhounds & greyhound racing was often referred to as the proverbial ‘mindful of useless information’ – That was, until I started greyhound tipping …

And everything I knew about the world of greyhound racing, greyhound training, and greyhound betting – Suddenly became very useful information indeed!

Because of my experience and insider knowledge, I have a huge advantage over many greyhound tipsters, and that’s why I can offer my clients so much more than greyhound tips – My predictions and selections are based on sound understanding of the greyhound racing industry, experience, insight, insider knowledge and 30 years of training experience, racing strategy and track knowledge

2014 – When I first started out posting greyhound tips online …

Publicising my opinion and putting myself on the line for judgement was scary – but with doing that, and based on the feedback I received, it was clear that my greyhound tips were top class and a welcome insight for many punters

I got instant fans and lots of followers online – People loved the 40% strike rate – I quickly built a strong following, and from that I went through a huge learning curve in the world of greyhound tipping –

One of my biggest lessons came from the instant critics – The ones who criticised when the tip didn’t win, the ones who’d expect their random bets to produce a profit, and were quick to tear me down for not being accurate all the time ….

But I kept my head down, focused on what I was doing, building a strategy, building a good reputation, and committed to avoiding all the traps of tipping on dopey bets like odds on favourites, (which anyone can pick) and multiple bets just to make it look better in the stats

Because that’s the thing about greyhound tipping that a lot of people don’t understand – You can’t play the game for the short term – and long term you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of the punters




And over the years, I’ve stuck to my guns, and whilst it may have been the harder journey, I’m now taken serious as a greyhound tipster by many who follow my progress and predictions

Now I’m Taken Serious As A Tipster To Be Feared


My belief is that for success, I’m focused on my ROI – On the return I can get for my clients

I’m looking for single, good odds bets with profit potential –  I know the bookmakers fear single bets – they don’t fear the multiples

And it’s proved right time and again, with the bookies cutting prices quickly as my selections get backed off the boards if they get too widely distributed

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Now you may have noticed that whilst I’m divulging a little of my background here, that I’m not very revealing of my identity – Now there’s a good reason for that and I’ll explain more in a minute

But first … Let me point out what is quite unique about myself as a greyhound tipster – why people take me so seriously in this game, and often refer to me as one of the best greyhound tipsters in the UK (and the identity bit above will all fit together in a moment)

First and foremost – Results

My ROI speaks for itself in that it’s admirable, sizeable and consistent. I hunt for value, I look for strength in my selections and weakness in the opposition based on many factors, hunt for single value bets, doing bare formbook study everyday, know races backwards and forwards, and look for potential gambles and those dogs ready to win – And that’s not an easy thing to do unless you really know what you’re looking for

For me, it’s not just about picking race ratings and easy pickings

  • It’s about knowing what’s going on behind the scenes
  • It’s about studying form often –
  • It’s about insider knowledge
  • It’s about reducing risk – and …
  • It’s about knowing the dogs, the tracks and the trainers strategy along with all their traits and methods of getting a dog ready for a win or if its just out for a blow out

Now if you don’t know your greyhounds inside out – and you’ve not got behind the scenes industry knowledge – You can’t do that

And that’s why, despite a lot of greyhound tipsters claiming big points on their bets, when you dig a little deeper, you begin to see that they’re tipping short odd favourites, and using silly bets like tricasts and forecasts – They’re all over the place, it’s no good if you want  guaranteed ROI,  and I doubt they’ve ever even put a lead on a greyhound!

If you want to make money off greyhound racing, you need to know what you’re doing – Period – That’s why I now make it my number one rule – not everyone can buy my greyhound tips and get access to my selections

Now let me finish by piecing it together for you (The bit about my identity), When you’ve spent 30 years in the greyhound industry and when you are known, doing what I do means I need to stay a little anonymous – most of the time

Now, if you think that is just a gimmick or cover up – What you want to do is read my results and reviews, and then head on over to my blog to view my write ups and examples of my predictions – These are regularly published on my website – You cannot produce results and predictions to these high standards if you don’t know what you’re talking about

That’s why, I refer to myself as simply ‘the greyhound racing tipster’



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For Profit In Your Pocket …


For those who are serious punters, or serious about making money on an ROI betting system, I run a strictly ‘by application only’ closed door, inner circle private group, which is limited in member numbers – I do this because for you as a person who wants profit, we have to retain as much as that profit as possible by limiting the number of bets going on dogs at early odds.

You’ll be part of a small group of people who are invested in succeeding at pro punting, there’s strategy behind what I do, and with an 18 month overall ROI of 26% – That’s a pretty safe bet – Where else can you get ROI like that in todays day and age?

Its not just a case of ‘wink wink, nudge nudge, here’s a tip for tonight’ – I make in-depth selections and predictions, based on solid information, and my selections mean that you have plenty of information on which to make a low risk decision so that you are always maximising your investment – at £50 stakes, I’m averaging £900 per month, and that to many, will be a no brainer

If you’re interested in joining my inner circle, I’d love to hear from you – The first step is to complete a short application in order for me to assess whether we’ll be a good match – Head on over here to the online application get started now


What I Do Best …



In depth study produces detailed write ups with comprehensive race & dog analysis for each selection



Simple and transparent – Easy to follow staking plan with points system at: 1 PT, 1.5 PT and 2 PT bets



Points make profit and with an ROI of 26% – That’s profit in your pocket with a simple staking plan


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