The Strategy & Secrets Behind Profitable Betting On Greyhound Racing


The Strategy & Secrets Behind Profitable Betting On Greyhound Racing

With over 100 races taking place most days and nights across the UK, and with those races being live streamed over the internet, shown in bookies in every town and city, and spectated live at the racing tracks, greyhound racing is a sport that is both fun, fast paced, intense and a great opportunity for pro punters on which to potentially earn a sizeable and consistent profit


Greyhound racing attracts many types of punters, it ranges from the novice punters on a night out at the dogs, to punters just playing small and for a bit of interest, and then to those at the other end of the spectrum who consider greyhound betting a serious contender and activity in their betting portfolio to contribute to profits and returns


With that variety, also comes many different opinions and ideas about the best tactics to use to develop a successful betting strategy for greyhound racing

Being from Ireland, and having been involved with greyhounds from a young age, when it comes to breeding, training, racing and betting on greyhounds, I’ve probably seen every strategy – and every trick in the book over the years

Now just focused on the betting side of greyhounds, I have put together what I would consider the most important strategies and tactics that you need to know if you want to be  successful betting on greyhound racing …

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But before I begin, let’s address the elephant in the room here –we’re talking about betting – and that means that there’s always going to be a caveat to everything you do – And that is that the odds are stacked in the favour of the bookie

That said – You can, if you know what you are doing – Make money betting on greyhounds – So let’s peel back the covers so to speak, and take a look at the world of greyhound racing punting …

Making Money Betting On Greyhound Racing – What NOT To Do

It’s probably the most obvious place to start as mistakes can be costly to your pocket, and with lots of pitfalls you could drop into, let’s look at what NOT to do.

What has to be the number one rule across the board, is to never stake more on a bet than you can afford to lose – Period – Let’s look at what else NOT to do to give yourself a better chance at success …

Don’t Chase Your Losses

It’s an instinctual reaction to want to  recover a loss, our brains are programmed to move us away from what we consider painful, and a loss = pain, so you have to work hard to override that instinctual reaction to chase a loss – Don’t drift to another sport either, it’s tempting to have a bet on the horses if the greyhounds didn’t produce a win for you, but that just leads you down another rabbit hole

Don’t Be Impatient

A successful strategy takes time, and some days, what you might find is that there is nothing there strong enough worth the risk of a bet, so learn to be patient, there is always tomorrow – You’re in this for the long game, not a quick win

Don’t Be Lazy About Doing Your Research

Hours of research can go into finding the right bets – get familiar with the racecard, there is so much information on there, and knowing how to read it properly can tell you so much about how a race may run. You can also go back 30 races to study each individual dog’s race history in the formbook

Don’t Allow Emotions To Overrule Reasoning & Logic

Neuroscience has proven that the emotional part of our brain will overpower our ability to reason and rationalise if emotions are running high, and when you’ve got a lot on the line, emotions will be running high. If you’re serious about being a pro punter, you’ve got to treat what you are doing like your would run a business. Learn to make your betting decisions using the logical and rational part of your mind.

Don’t Gamble With A lot Of Drink In You

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, you don’t want to be that gambler that wakes up the next morning £500 down  – on top of a hangover!! Just like you wouldn’t turn up for work drunk, treat your gambling time the same, have a clear head and save the drinks for when you’ve finished for the day.

Don’t Follow Too Many Tipsters

Knowledge is power – And good knowledge can be invaluable. But an inbox full of free tips from multiple tipsters is going to get you in trouble – In fact, It’s a recipe for disaster. Remember they are usually free tips for a reason, and often there’s little value in a freebie. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from at least 75% of the tipsters you gave your email to.

The Right Way To Make Money Betting On Greyhounds …


Strategies For Long Term Profitable Greyhound Punting

Transferring a lifetime of knowledge and experience to you isn’t possible in a just a few paragraphs, or even a few days – So I’ve narrowed down what I consider to be the most important areas you need to be focused on if you want to  be a profitable punter – and to give you an advantage over others when you’re betting on greyhound racing

If you want to make money betting – You have to know what you are doing, so let’s continue on developing a successful strategy by looking now at what you should be doing …

Before You Develop A Strategy – Set Your Objectives

You have to assess what you want out of this – and more importantly – why you are doing it because it’s the ‘why’ that is going to keep you going and focused

Are You Committed?

Pro punting requires discipline, self-analysis and a structured approach – and to stick to that takes commitment every day from yourself – Are you committed to putting the effort in?

Commit To The Long Term Gain – Not What You Can Grab In The Short

One, because short term perspective you won’t gain very much – Are you prepared to commit to a long term strategy rather than a quick win? If you want just the odd bet here and there – it’s probably not for you

Commit To Learning …

Without learning and understanding of punting and the greyhound racing world, winning and making profit is going to be hard. There is so much to learn, information is readily available, but wisdom comes with time and experience


Its about studying the form – know the dogs, the tracks, the trainers and the traits and methods of getting a dog ready for a race

Spot The Value

When it comes to making money on greyhounds, it’s always about being able to spot the value

Have Access To Multiple Betting Accounts

Having access to multiple betting accounts is going to help you get the best odds and get your bets on quickly

Have A Staking Plan

Work with a simple staking plan so you know exactly what you are doing – some staking plans get far too complicated and it’s easy to lose track

Be Ready To Get On Bets Early

Advised odds and available odds essential you have access to at least 3 bookmaker accounts

Bide Your Time – Be Patient

Patience is the name of the game – You don’t need hundreds and hundreds of bets to be successful – You need the right bets at the right time

Keep Track Of What You Are Doing

Keep records of what you are doing – Know where you are up to in win ratios, profits and bank balance

Know Your Win / Loss Ratios

You should always know whether you are losing money or making a profit

A few good wins in a row can easily help you forget those unpleasant losses, but you have to see it in black and white to keep a rational approach to your betting results

Bankroll Management

Know what is going on in your bankroll and be honest with yourself – Don’t be like the punters that when they win, they withdraw, and then when they lose, they deposit again, without ever knowing if they made a profit at all

Know your ROI’s

No serious investor would consider investing any amount of money in any business venture without considering the return on his investment.

Develop The Right Mindset

Know That You’re Working Against Your Own Instincts – So working on what is going on in your head is cricual to success – If you undertand that you are always going to be workingagainst some pretty strong instinctual behaviours – at least you’ve got a chance to deal with them as you become more aware of how your thinking afffects everything you do

For a great read on how our minds can get us into trouble read Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman. 

Should you use a greyhound tipster to help increase your chances of success?

I’ve not brought this subject up as an opportunity to pitch you on my service here – It’s a serious question – And one that should be considered carefully by you

So my answer to the question – should you use a greyhound tipster to increase your chances of success? It depends  …

It depends on:

  • The quality of the tipster
  • If you want to tap into someone else’s expertise
  • If you want to save study and learning time


Now, if you’ve looked for a greyhound tipster to follow, possibly subscribe to, maybe even buy into –  I’m sure you’ll have jumped from website to website, taking in all the numbers, reading the write ups, weighing up all the claims they make, and in doing so, attempted to determine the answers to questions you are thinking about such as;


  • Who is the best greyhound tipster?
  • Whose numbers communicate the best performance?
  • Which tipsters’ opinions and reviews can you trust?

So Let‘s Take A Look …

Transparency isn’t so readily available across the industry though, (as you’ve probably already noticed), and instead of it being easy to compare indicators of greyhound tipster performance on which to make your decision, you find that there are many ways that tipsters will promote their numbers

You might see ratings focused on points, on a bank balance, or maybe on profits, you’ll probably see some tipsters reporting a couple of thousand points, and then some reporting  totals of around 300 points to date …. our brains want to instantly assess that the higher points are better – but guess what – Yes, you’re right, a couple of thousand points might not make that tipster better than one with a few hundred points!!


Should You Use A Greyhound Tipster Service To Increase Your Chances Of Success?

Choosing  A Reliable Greyhound Tipster To Follow

Learn To Dig Deep Behind The Numbers A Tipster Publishes To Promote Their Service

And what you will find is that some tipsters are spot on with their numbers, whilst other  greyhound tipsters are more creative with their numbers –  And you’ve got to ask yourself what are they trying to hide here?

Some greyhound tipsters, if their results are not strong and reliable, will only give you half a story with the numbers, and it’s up to you to dig a little deeper and get behind those often attractive looking figures – and see if they have any results sheets with their betting history on it that will give you a clearer picture and see if they can prove an ROI based on their history


What To Look For When You Get Down To The Genuine Greyhound Tipsters

You can rate greyhound tipsters on:

  • Points
  • Profit
  • Return Of Investment



Points can be easily distorted – Not all tipsters use the same points system and points is an easy figure to blow your trumpet about, but when it comes to points, you want to see long term points scoring.



Profit is a good indication, but that too can be misconstrued, with many bumping and blowing about a recent profit, but fail to tell you about the losses months before


The absolute best indication of how a tipster performs over time is ROI – ROI cannot be distorted

ROI is calculated on either points or profit numbers

Final Word Of Caution …

Beware Of Tipsters In Facebook Groups That Do Not Have A Professional Website

A large and growing part of the market is now using Facebook for many business activities – Understandable – There’s 2 billion people on Facebook – However, there are sadly a growing number of bleep bleep (idiots / thieves), who will create a Facebook or WhatsApp group – and charge members  – for greyhound tips that aren’t even theirs.

Caution: The Rise of the fraudster tipster

I’ve experienced it several times in the past, even found these fraudsters blatantly copying and using my images as well as my tips, fortunately having over 5000 followers over my 2 Facebook pages, several of my followers spotted these groups they had joined and reported them to me – But there’s a lot that go undetected, and I know of other highly rated professional tipsters whose hard work and has been ripped and paraded in a private Facebook group for sale by some low life thief

All you’ve got to remember is to be cautious and do your research – Check they’ve got the backing of a professional looking website and genuine reviews. There’s some good tipsters out there, but there is a massive difference between a tipster and fraudster – and you don’t want that affecting your pocket

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From Our Members …

“Class greyhound tipster. I’ve tried several greyhound tipsters in the last few years, this guy is the best by far. Write ups are so uncannily accurate to how the race runs, and the number of consistent winners he keeps producing is a subscribers dream”

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“There’s no doubting that he knows his greyhounds, he sticks to his selected tracks and the write ups are clear and confident. There’s a straight forward staking plan where everything is really clear and always so sure of selections”

Mark L


rated 5 star

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