Track & Time:

8.54 Central Park


Coyote Mustang


Generally 6/1


1 PT Win

Race Analysis:

A 642 metres novice stayers final on view take’s centre stage tonight, many of opposition are sluggish trappers, Coyote Mustang he’s a interesting sort that’s been highly tried in Ireland, he’s a useful Irish card, limited UK mileage in book he’s less exposed than tonight’s opposition, there’s scope for improvement if he can sharpen up at liftoff he will prove a factor, he caught eye on Central Park debut last week, he dropped out of lids & paced up into opening corner, he rode a first corner bump & ran out a gutsy winner, he clearly has a early burst in him, he was winning around Mullingar only six weeks ago, he clocked 40.55 last week & left multiple lengths out there on his Central Park debut, he will prove a force in tonight’s line up if sharpening up at liftoff.

Off the opposition

Lovee Dovee

Ran well in defeat last week  getting competitive after leaving race at liftoff, she’s a honest sort, she still look’s a bit inexperienced at present & she could be vulnerable into giving opposition a head start.


Ran well in defeat behind Gizmo Weejay last week after a sluggish exit, he’s vulnerable to traffic into opening corner, there’s a bit more mileage in book, he’s 0/6 win’s around Central Park.

Comeout Kiddo

Yarmouth raider will be hunting these down from halfway he give them a start & a beating last week he will find life tougher against stronger opposition tonight, will need luck in running & gap’s to appear.

Gizmo Weejay

Fastest semi final heat winner clocking a solid 40.10 spin, he’s recently changed kennel’s, he flew lid’s last week & a repeat look’s unlikely, loss of trap six box tonight that’s  a negative, there’s Central Park mileage in book he’s more exposed compared to opposition, 1/10 Central Park win’s in Open company he’s vulnerable tonight slightest mishap at liftoff he will be found out.


Done a lot of running to qualify from a unlikely position after getting knocked sideways around opening corner, Gizmo Weejay could prove hazardous around opening corner, he’s 0/6 win’s around Central Park & prone to finding traffic, need’s thing’s all his own way.


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